Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Question of WHY

So sometimes, during my day I see some funny things. Or some weird things. Whatever you prefer to call them. So here are a few that I noticed today and asked myself... 'why?'.

1: Why do old people buy amazing sports cars that would never even putter when hauling at 90, and then go 15 under on a residential road? Or worse, 20 under on the freeway? Not saying they should go 90 but at least keep up. What's the point? Just stick to your Buick's and Cadillacs. Please.

2: Why on earth is there construction absolutely EVERYWHERE I go? Nothing else to say. Everyone that is living in Provo knows that wherever you go, it's there. North, south, east and west.

Alright I'm done complaining. Just had to put my two cents in and Devin isn't home from school yet so the thoughts had to go somewhere!

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Joy Bells said...

They are called blue hairs in Arizona. I guess they buy those kind of cars because they can finally afford them, but they are too nervous to go the speed limit. Forget the carpool lane, they need to create an "over 75" lane. But then, I know someone who is 57 who doesn't pay attention to the speed limit for the is an eternal process. When one area is finished, they tear it up again because the forgot to lay a pipe of fix a drain....gotta love life!