Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What is With This?

I am so disappointed in American Entertainment. Last year I loved watching Glee. It was a decent show with awesome music and the cast was so talented. The second season started just like a month ago and I have quit watching. It's turned waaay trashy, the songs are even inappropriate, (should have known that when Britney Spears was featured), and I am just so disappointed. Why does the entertainment industry have to do this? They hook you on a show and then boom. It's terrible the following season. All in hopes that you will keep watching as they put trash in your brain. Anyway...needless to say Glee is no longer a part of my life. Hasn't been for a long time but I just wanted to share that with the blogging world.


Spencer Family said...
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Spencer Family said...

My thoughts exactly! I watched it last year and loved it--even though it was already pretty trashy then. After watching the first episode this season I had to stop. They have no morals, no standards, and are only out for shock factor. It's so sad how bad media/tv/movies/music is getting.

Lauren Elizabeth Stanford said...

Same here. First season was so funny. A tiny bit crass, but no unbearable. This season? horrid. Ugh. I did the same thing. I stopped watching it!