Sunday, June 10, 2007

Trip to Logan

My mom and I recently drove up to Logan to visit my sister and babysit her kids for a night while she and her husband went on a practice trek. We had a blast. I drove the whole way and I planned to drive back home too. Here are some fun pictures from our visit. This one is of my mom throwing water on my nephew Taylor. She and three of the four kids had a hilarious water fight.
Here is another picture of the water fight. Taylor on the left, Kylee in the middle, and Jacob on the right. My mom filled a pot with water and the kids all had cups to fill up and throw at each other. It was funny. I could never get a picture of their faces because they were always turning away from the water being hurled in their direction. Haha. That was a fun day.

When we all got back to my sister's house from our picnic at the park, my mom told me to move our car out of the driveway. Surprise wouldn't start. So here is a picture of the tow truck that drove all the way from Sandy to Logan to come and pick us up. It was an interesting ride home. At least the tow truck driver was a nice guy. Thanks to White Glove Towing!

Here is my nephew Jacob making a face at the camera. It was difficult to get him to smile normally for a picture. :D
Here is Taylor on the playset at the park with Kylee. I had fun taking pictures of all the kids playing.

Here is little Miss Kylee on the monkey bars at the park. She loved to swing on those things! She is a great little swinger on the monkey bars. It kind of reminded me of myself at her age. I think I was addicted to monkey bars at recess. Boy do I miss having recess!

And last but certainly not is the adorable baby Landon! I grew kind of attatched to him during our visit. He is so funny! I loved holding him while he would laugh at Jacob's funny faces or something crazy Jake would be doing. They are a cute bunch and I love to visit them. Thanks Aaron and Michelle for asking us to watch them! And thanks for letting me hang out there. I had fun!


sommer family said...

It looks like you had a great time back there. I am so excited to see you. I miss you. Love you! w/love -Emmeli

sommer family said...

Do more posts! there has been notheing for more then 2 mounths! w/love -Emmeli