Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Boise Visit

Over spring break, Matt, mom and I went to visit Sarah and Chris in Boise. It was an absolute bonus that Sarah had baby Levi while we were there. Here are a couple pictures of the kids in the car on the way to the hospital and one of me holding the baby. :D Isn't Ellie adorable?
Here is Caleb (Mr. Cool) Keller. Haha. He is awesome and so much fun! He can always make you smile :D. Love these kids to death!
Here is a picture of me and baby Levi. He was so cute and is even cuter now! I love being an aunt. When I was 4 and my mom told me that my sister was pregnant and told me I was going to be an aunt, I panicked. Haha. I thought that I was going to be an insect! Haha. One of my favorite stories ;D. I can't believe that my niece Emmeli is going to be 12 and she is only 5 years younger than me!

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