Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Last Halloween, Claire was only like 2 weeks old. So we didn't do much. Actually, I am amazed that I did as much as I did so soon after having a baby. I told Devin that won't be the case next time. :) This year was so fun. I'm not usually a big fan of Halloween which is pretty clear to anyone who knows me.  But as mom, it's like a completely different holiday. Claire was a pumpkin, and a very cute one at that! We loved to watch her crawl around in her costume. She was a little confused by the concept of trick or treating, but it was still fun to have her participate in the holiday and document her first real Halloween. Here are some pics. I apologize that they are the same ones from FB.


Camille said...

Claire is so sweet. Super cute hair Christine:)

Derek and Amanda said...