Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Welcome to Our Humble Abode!"

For those of you who haven't seen Pride and Prejudice (the newer version), the title isn't funny. But if you have seen it, Mr. Collins says it when Elizabeth comes to visit he and his wife and his voice sounds way funny. Sorry. I'm reading Pride and Prejudice and the lines from the book and movies run through my head more than usual. I took some pictures of our apartment just after we moved in and I haven't gotten to posting them until now. So enjoy! It's a bit better decorated and a few things have changed, but I will post other pictures later.

Thank you to my family for our awesome bedding! We love it! And it's full of Devin's favorite colors! The only colors he likes. Ha ha. And thanks go to Devin's sisters Elise and Camille for making the Holt family plaque and the family wall hanging. You guys are awesome! They make this place feel like home.

Hope you like it! We will be here for a while. Not sure how long though.


Aaron & Michelle said...

Hey you guys! Love the comforter. I love the colors. It's so fun to see my little sister in her own apartment. It was so good seeing. Thanks for supporting Jacob. Love you two.

Devin said...

what a sad tv. i cant wait to lie that thing in it's tomb on black friday. the table it's on is sadder though.