Thursday, June 10, 2010

Road Trips

Back in February, I flew out to Washington to help my sister Tiffany drive back to Utah for my brother's homecoming and my wedding. I was only there for one full day, but it was so much fun! I took a few pics. We went to the park and Macey went down the big slide by herself! I was at the bottom to catch her, and every time, she came out head first. I watched her go in, sitting down and somehow she ended up on her back head first every time. It was so funny so I finally took a picture. I took some pictures on the car ride, but not that many. It was pretty good! The kids did very well. The biggest event was Macey having a blow out diaper in the last stretch of the drive. Unlike the last time I drove with the Dansies...

I went to Arizona to help them move to Utah in February of 2008. We had a top carrier with some of their stuff in it and there was a box in the front right corner and it slowly ripped a hole that continued to expand throughout the drive. We had many attempts to fix it. 4 stops between Vegas and St. George-- bungee cords, duct tape, everything we could think of. Nothing worked. But we got there-- in 14.5 hours! Ha ha the last pictures are of the top carrier with our make shift contraption to hold it together.

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