Saturday, March 20, 2010

Funny Questions...

So a week ago, I was at work and I needed to go and pick up Allie at preschool. She is the same little girl that was in this post. She got in the car and stated her frequent question: "are you married yet?". At this point, the wedding was a few days away so I replied: "nope. not yet". She looked at the ground for a second and looked up at me with a confused look and said "so did you just like find Devin?" I went on to explain how we met and then fell in love and went through the process of how we knew that getting married was the right thing to do. I asked her if that made sense and she said "Yeah. Do you like the sun?". I had to chuckle to myself before I told her that I did like it. "But it's always shining in your eyes" she commented. I told her that I liked the sun because it made the earth warm so I could play outside and swim and not be cold. And that it made flowers and other things grow. Then she said "I can't wait until it's summer". Then we pulled up to the house, she jumped out and skipped to the backyard to go play with her little brother. I thought it was so funny. Then this last Monday when I went to work, she repeated her usual question. I told her that yes I am married! Then she went on to make my day with this: "Do you have your kids yet?" I told her that it takes a while for me to have my kids but that when I find out that I am having one, she will be among the first to know. I just love this girl. She is so funny! Just thought I'd share!


Our Family said...

that is so cute! how fun to have a little girl to talk to! kids say the cutest things for sure! hope you guys are doing well! send pics soon! it was so fun to be at your wedding!
tell devin hello! and come visit the "burg"! we'd love it! you guys could stay in emms room on an air mattress! love ya!

Joy Bells said...

That little girl loves you to pieces Chris! I laugh at children's takes on situations. thanks for the update (even though I see you pretty often anyway) Give that husband of yours a hug for me, and have him give you one for me too.