Monday, October 5, 2009

Talks, Oil Leaks & Hannah Montana

Devin and I were swinging Isaac in a blanket. He was so cute with his little bear. He's adorable!
Dev was pretending to be a bear and Isaac wanted a ride. I love how he just looks so relaxed and comfortable up there. So cute!

My mom making dinner. She is wonderful! No wonder her name is Joy.

Little Miss Macey taking a ride on 'the blanket train' as Devin called it. I just love her so much!

A view of Dev pulling Macey on the blanket. She is so cute. I love playing with her. So does Devin

Isaac was bored in between sessions and decided to climb into a pot in my parent's family room. Right when I went to take a picture of him, he turned his head like that. It was way funny.

Driving down the road, we found where Dave's car started leaking oil. Pretty bad huh? Turns out the mechanic put the filter back in wrong.
Conference weekend was great! Friday night Devin and I went to his mission reunion. That was interesting. Ha ha it was fun, but let's just say he had a few interesting companions. Then, we went to the last 10 or 15 minutes of the BYU game. After that, we drove to Bountiful to stay at his parent's house. We got there pretty late and we were hungry so Devin went to the store and then he made me a sandwich. We went to bed and then we spent the next day watching General Conference with his family.

During Priesthood session we (me, and Devin's sisters Canda and Annie) watched Hannah Montana the Movie. I must say I was quite impressed considering the fact that it is a Disney Movie based on a TV series. Pretty good. When the men returned, we had dinner for Tim's birthday (Devin's brother-in-law).

After that, we went to Alpine to be with my family. Dev wanted to play basketball with my brothers-in-law and my brother so I took him to the church to play. I was going to go home and hang out with the girls, but I ended up staying to give them a ride because Dave's car had an oil leak. The guys that played basketball ended up staying to help us fix it. We got most everything figured out, and then we drove home to my parent's house.

We hung out with my family and then went to bed. We got up Sunday morning and watched the rest of Conference with my family, had dinner, sang some songs, talked and then drove home to Provo. It was great! Sorry for the lenghty post. Now I will put some pictures on here and videos are coming!

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