Monday, October 12, 2009

I Said Friday,You Got Monday...Sorry!

Here I am just before he asked me. This one requires the full story so buckle up! I'll try to tell it concisely. It should be easy since I have told it so many times now. So Dev told me last Monday that we needed to go up Provo Canyon with his brother and sister and their spouses to spend some time with them. I said that would be fun, so I fully expected that when we got there, his family would be there too. Not the case. He told me that we were early so we walked around for a bit and we were just taking pictures. It was my idea to do that and for my suggestion he was grateful. Apparently he was going to say it, so I made his job easier and less obvious. We got to the bridge and he wanted me to take his picture, standing on one of the rails of the bridge and looking over the water. So I took his picture. Then he said: "OK it's your turn now. Get up there" and my response was "I don't want to". He got this sad look on his face and said: "Please. For me?" So I got up and he took the above photo of me. Then he told me to look over the water like he had and so I did. At this point, I suspected slightly, but not fully. Then he said: "actually you might want to turn around for this one". So I did, and there he was, on one knee. I jumped down off the railing and he asked me to marry him and I said yes! It was great! So yeah. That explains the significance of the bridge picture. Sorry it was so long!
Here is one we took just before we got to the bridge. The back round almost looks fake! Ha ha.
And there's the ring! Ha ha sorry you can't see it too well in this picture. I'll post some closeups later on this week. But if you click on it to enlarge it, I am sure you will be able to notice that the beaut even sparkled for us in this picture! Ha ha. Conveniently enough, my appearance was way under my hopes for this moment, but that is what I get for moving furniture for an hour right before he came to get me. Oh well!

Right after he popped the question.

So there's more to come but considering my recent experience, I am not going to promise a deadline. It will be soon though. So enjoy! Whoa I need to change the name of this blog pretty soon. Weird.


Team Serra said...

how cute...I definitely want a close up of the rock sister!

Joy Bells said...

Thanks for the pictures sweetie pie. You make such a cute couple. Was Devin still down on one knee when you too the pictures? You can't tell he is over a foot taller than you are. I am so way excited for you both, and the ring is beautiful!!!

Chelsea Nicole said...

Finally!! Thank You Dave, I've been looking every day because somebody said they would update it on friday mmhhh. Your ring is beautiful and not to mention you as well. Can't wait, love you both.

Candilyn Ashworth said...

I hope it is okay that Camille gave me the URL to your blog! I love the pics!!! You are so darling, and we need to do something soon. We were thinking of inviting you guys over for dinner some sunday this month or whenever it works for you!

Wonderful Teen Years of Emmeli said...

Hey Chris!
That was such a cute way to be asked. I love that! I wanted to say this, your hair is so long! Is it possable to have it grow that long since i've seen you? WOW!! Your gorgeous in all of the pics. Anyway Congrats! Love ya

Aaron & Michelle said...

Congratulations sista!!! You both look great together.