Monday, October 15, 2007

Water Sports, Scenery, and the Running of the Bulls

My brother Dave getting ready to wake skate. I was scared for these guys! No bindings? I would be freaking out! Ha ha but they knew what they were doing.
The beautiful Henry's lake. It's no Powell, but's water and it's smooth. The beauty is bonus, but has really nothing to do with boating. Ha but still appreciated.
So this is a Bull that I saw on my way up to my cabin. There is a meadow right next to my cabin and we had seen cows basically on our back patio that morning so I wasn't sure if the two Bulls and Cow were on my same side of the tiny barbed wire fence or not. So I got scared. My family made fun of me, but I was really like probably 15 feet away from them at one point and if they got upset, like a little barbed wire fence is going to stop an angry Bull or two. So I had a right to be afraid! But I must admit it was cool to see the two Bulls fight for the Cow when I was safe in my deck a few minutes later.
My brother Matt knee boarding. I used to go, but I almost drowned when I was like 8 and I have been afraid ever since. That's what I get for putting the strap too tight. Oh well!
The nice freezing water. Well it actually wasn't too bad once you jumped in. But at was definitely cold water. But still a blast to swim and board and boat. I love Island Park.

This is Steve again going on a nice wake skate on a knee board. The crazy. Click to see his success! Ha ha. Seriously this vacation was so much fun.

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