Sunday, October 21, 2007

Senior Pictures

Here are some of my senior pictures. These are the ones I think are decent. The other ones, I don't like much. I don't like that my family has the tradition of the girls wearing drapes for pictures....I hated the way I looked in it so that is why I have no drape pictures on this post. Maybe later. Oh well. Here are the ones I decided to post. Enjoy and let me know which one/ones is/are your favorites!


sommer family said...

So cute AGAIN! I love them You look so pritty! Love ya!

sommer family said...

OH my goodness-you're beautiful! I love pics 1,5-7-- you can see you the best in them too. WOW! I really can't believe you're so grown up. I definitely agree with the drape thing, especially when they only fit off the shoulder. gag! too bad that's all they had to take your pictures in 14 years ago! that makes me very old! ha! love you tons, katie

Aaron & Michelle said...

YOu are a babe. My little sister is so grown up. I like pictures 1,5,and 8 the best. But all of them are beautiful. Love ya!!!!

Chelsea Nicole said...

You are gorgeous babe! You better not settle for just any guy because i know they are all dying to date you, get the best one out there!