Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hogal Zoo

So for my Child Care class (where I teach preschool), we went on a field trip to the Hogal Zoo. It was so much fun! I loved it. I haven't been to the zoo in a long time. I think I enjoyed it as much as the kids did. Oh well. I had a blast taking pictures. Enjoy!!

This is a picture of a baby monkey. I love monkeys. They are so funny and kinda loud. I think I enjoyed this trip a little too much. :S ha ha.

These are two of the preschoolers that I teach in my Child Care class. Their names are Luke and Sydney. They are adorable! They loved to take pictures at the zoo. This was actually when they were in the process of climbing up on the statue of the rhino. SO CUTE!!

These penguins were so cute! The sounds they make are so weird and they reminded me of the movie happy feet. They are so little too!

Okay so I bet you're thinking that my zoom must be great on my camera but really the rhino was that close to the glass! It was awesome. Two of them were grazing right by the windows under the shelter. You could look outside but obviously the view was better inside. It was crazy to look at their tusks. I think that's what they're called :S.

So this picture is a little bit blurry but I really wanted a picture of a peacock because I think they are soo cool! This one was shaking his feathers to impress the ladies. Except I don't think he realized that the ladies were female turkeys not female peacocks. So I had to get a picture of that! Ha ha. It was fun to watch.

The elephants were so cute! I didn't think an animal that massive could be cute.

So this picture isn't very clear but I really wanted to emphasize how close this gorilla was to the glass! He looked really sad though. The kids were asking why he wasn't happy.

So here is a clearer picture of the same gorilla at a different angle. It was the only angle I could get so that the sun didn't give a huge glare and it makes him look further away than he really is but that is OK. The kids (and me) loved to watch this guy! Ha ha.

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