Sunday, April 17, 2011

Today we celebrated Callie's birthday. We had delicious lasagna and baskets full of mom's homemade bread sticks (my idea of heaven). Grandma and grandpa came along for the fun, it was quite a blast! This is everyone enjoying dinner.

Callie blowing out her candles with some help from Hammie
Mase was having a hard time watching his mom turn a year older
Dallin played with a balloon as he talked to us
Grandpa reading some music
Canda and Max
Max just started crawling recently. Here are his mad skills as he crawls to a teddy bear. It's so funny how he kisses the foot of the teddy bear when he gets to it, then looks up at me as if to make sure I saw that he made it. It was quite the trip for him because he spits up right at the end. Good job Max!

Happy Birthday Callie!!!


Camille said...

Is Max wearing the same p.j,'s that me and dave wore?

Devin said...

I think so. It was hilarious.