Friday, April 1, 2011

Birthday #21

Yesterday was my birthday and it was such a good day. I went to work from 7-1:30 and then I had to go change my name on my social security card, and renew my license (name and address change as well). It was my 3rd attempt to renew my license. Ha ha the rules are such a pain at the DMV! I thought I was going to have a miserable birthday until I got home from all of this, but I tried to have an ok attitude and it was actually pretty great.

When I got to work, the first thing my boss said to me was "Happy Birthday, how are you?" They are such nice people. Then when each of the kids woke up, the wished me a happy birthday as well and showed me the birthday cards they had each made me the night before. It was a laid back day at work. The kids are on spring break and we had gone somewhere every other day of the week so we just hung out at the house. When my boss got home, she gave me flowers and told me she hoped I had a good day. So thoughtful!

Then it was on to the Social Security Office. Intimidating place to be. A bunch of cops and guards and nervous looking people. It was at this moment that I have watched too many law/crime shows because I was looking around wondering what the cops were thinking as they surveyed the room of antsy people. Who looks too skittish? Who is trying to pull something? Ha ha. You can thank Criminal Minds, Law and Order SVU, etc.

After changing my name on my social security card, I headed to the DMV. I wasn't there very long which was nice, but once I got to the window, the guy said nothing to me. Just typed in my new info and I stood there. Ha ha it takes an extremely intense situation for me to feel awkward, but that did it for me.

I felt so accomplished! Ha ha realistically, I should have done both of these things a while ago, but I never got around to it. It felt good to get so much done instead of sitting at home.

Later, Devin filled me in on what we would be doing. He wanted to surprise me. I have been craving IHOP for a while now, and he remembered! So we went to IHOP for dinner. Then we went to Barnes and Noble and he said I could buy any book I wanted! He is so sweet. I love reading and I love browsing at Barnes and Noble. So thoughtful of him. I decided I would get "The Weight of Glory" by C.S. Lewis. I read the first couple of pages and loved it. I love C.S. Lewis! I have been wanting to try Red Mango so he let me get a smoothie there. I chose Pomegranate and blueberry. It was so good. :)

Then we came home and just hung out for a while. It was so much fun. I have the most kind, thoughtful, sweet husband in the world! Thanks for a great birthday!

PS Sorry there are no pictures. Both of our cameras broke and we still haven't gotten a new one. Hopefully we can get one soon!


Aaron & Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Christine. Hope it was a good one. How are you feeling prego? LOve ya

Sarah Keller said...

HI Christine! I am so sorry I missed your birthday. We were out of town renting a cabin in the cell service! I love you and think you are wonderful. I am glad you had a great birthday. Sarah