Saturday, September 4, 2010

I Know

I's been a while. No pictures quite yet. Just thought I would update everyone on a few things. To start, Devin is in school at BYU and is doing very well. I just started a third job working as a Chiropractor's Assistant in Alpine. I still work as a mother's helper for my old neighbor and I still clean for my grandparents too. So total I will be working 46 hours a week or so. Crazy I know, but Dev will be at school all day every day so I may as well be productive too. So we are doing well. I promise that one day we will have pictures on here again. I told Devin the other day that we need to take more pictures together. I'll make a goal for next week. Well, until the next post!


Tiffany said...

i have to say i'm PROUD of you for getting that other job! working full time is hard work, but no better time to get used to it before you start a family. that's MORE than a full time job!!! mine goes from 7:30 AM until 7:00 PM and that's not including sick kids, or newborn babies, or the last 6 years when i didn't have the "green light" alarm clock so my kids don't get out of bed before 7:30. my days used to start at sometimes, 5 AM and not end until 8 PM!!! no better time to save money than now!!!! good for you!!!

Joy Bells said...

Thanks for the new post. I hope you enjoy your new job. You were so blessed to have this one "handed" to you. Staying busy while Devin is in school will make the time fly by faster. Love you and miss you!

Our Family said...

excited to see pics and updates...but then I stink at this whole blogging thing! ha! love you tons! tell devin hello! kate