Monday, November 23, 2009

Not Bird, Not Swine...Just a Stubborn Cold

So I have been sick with a cold since Wednesday and I am getting quite impatient with it all. I want to be better!! I didn't miss school at all until today. UVU has asked students to stay home if they have any symptoms simular to the swine flu. I complied today but I cannot do the same tomorrow. I have to do one more hour in the Spanish Lab before break. I really don't HAVE to, but after Thanksgiving break, the lab hours are all crazy due to finals. So I guess I will just bear it. I am supposed to work tomorrow, so cross your fingers that I will be better! My parents have been great and have let me stay here since Friday night. I don't want to get my roommates sick or keep them up with my coughing. I just want to be better before Thanksgiving comes. Oh well. I suppose I'll deal with whatever comes my way... or remains in my way.


Joy Bells said...

Being sick is a real bummer, especially during holiday time when family is here. I hope you feel better quickly too Snookie. I love having you home, and look forward to the middle of December when you will come home for the long haul!

Our Family said...

love you christine! i am so sorry! i am on the upswing of strep throat and double ear infections. i have even more sympathy for my kids now with strep. it hurts WAY more than i ever remember! feel better ane have a happy Thanksgiving!

Devin said...

I'm so glad your better now babe!! Don't do that sick thing again. Love you:)