Saturday, November 29, 2008

Joy Joined the Joyful World of Blogging

Hey everyone! My mom now has a blog! Check it out at! I helped her set it up and I still have to teach her a few things for her to update, so don't expect anything for a couple of weeks! But she's excited to join the club. I love my mom. She is super funny and so much fun to be around. I had a good time being home with my parents and grandparents. Sorry...I left my camera at home, so it will be about two weeks until you see new pictures from me as well. My bad! Oh well. I'll have more time to make it a really good post as opposed to my rushed and frankly tossed together posts when I can grab a minute. Anyway...enjoy! Here's my mom at the beach in California. We were there for my brother Dave's wedding. I want to go back now since it's so cold in Rexburg in comparison. But I know I haven't seen anything yet! :D
Grandma Joy playing a Conference Bingo game with Caleb and Ellie to keep them occupied.

Levi and Grandma Joy at the Beach. Levi found it funny to put sand in mom's ears and on her face. So cute!

Goggle world at AmericInn in Rexburg. Gotta love it. Those kids love their grandma.

And here it is! The door to mom blogging! Her camera! This is a picture I took of her right after she opened it. She was so excited. I loved watching it. Well...check it out! She's got one post and soon to be a couple more once I am home again. ;D

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