Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Called to Serve and Family Fun

Here is a fun picture of the Kellers, Marchants, Beckstrands, Goulds, and Serras (well almost plural for that one), and Landon just after we finished bowling. It was way fun!
My niece Shelly cold and tired waiting to take Uncle Matt into the MTC.
The Sommer family with Elder Matthew Beckstrand. I miss him already!!! :(
Mom and Dad with their son the missionary.
Matt and I took this picture literally on the run into the MTC because we were late. I'm just glad I got a picture with him before he left. I love my brother tons!
So this isn't the most flattering picture, but Tiffany wanted me to post a picture of my hair because I dyed it and cut it a bit different. But as I was looking at it, I noticed that my hair is a lot darker than this picture shows, but oh well!
My adorable nephew Levi. He is so much fun and I loved having the Keller family at my house last week.
Mr. Caleb. He is so awesome! He got a little tired of playing a little game my family calls Fox and Geese. As you can see in the backround, my brother Dave wasn't tired of it just yet....or maybe he's just getting ready to start a snowball fight.
Here's me with my nephew Levi and my niece Ellie. Contrary to their smiling faces and energetic smiles, these kids were seriously exhausted.
Uncle Dave and Miss Ellie at the bowling alley. That girl is so cute. I just love her little voice and funny laugh. And just below this....the amazing game of fox and geese.


Dansie Family said...

i don't see any serra's in that first picture.

Christine said...

ha ha i know! but they were supposed to be in the picture. they were there so i wanted to mention everyone even if they weren't in the picture. oh well.